The small business perspective with Leyton Cleveley

I am pleased to bring you an interview with Leyton Cleveley who works in the I.T. and business world.  As a self-employed small businessman running his company Cleveley Dynamics from his base in Scotland it’s interesting to get his viewpoint on “coping with covid”.  He was also kind enough to sponsor the website for this show too, so really do appreciate this.

I’ve known Leyton a few years and met through a random photography project a couple of years ago.  We became friends through this and I managed to visit his home during 2018.  He’s an educated and travelled man, so it’s interesting to hear his thoughts on coping with situations.  Make sure you listen to his harrowing experiences in Japan too and how he coped with this tragedy.

In this one we discuss:

  • payment terms
  • burning out
  • analytical thinking
  • mental health
  • Brexit
  • Japan earthquake
  • government schemes
  • the tabloids + truth

This interview was recorded on the 10th of May, just after the UK prime minister started his staged approach to come out the lockdown.  However, as Leyton points out this does not relate to Scotland (only England as it turns out).



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