Report from a health worker on the front line

Welcome to the very first episode of “coping with Covid” , my new series to document life under the pandemic.  We are featuring an array of people from different places in the world, so we get an even picture of what is happening.

Today’s guest stands out in some ways because of his role in life – health care. Today I want you to welcome David Collyer who works as an anaesthetist assistant in a hospital in Abergavenny, Wales, UK.

David joined my photography show “Photography insights” with his son Ned on episode 61 in 2019 and was very popular due to the unique relationship.  He spends his time documenting all manner of subjects from portraiture to landscapes and everyday life.  David has a very good eye for detail and showing characters, whilst being able to develop his own work (yes another film shooter).

However, that is not his full story, David also has been given permission to shoot inside his hospital and help document about the crisis.

So listen to this show as we talk about:

  • health protection equipment
  • UK predicated figures
  • private medical care
  • Queen’s toilet seat
  • work/life balance
  • shooting Covid on film
  • NHS funding
  • time off & hobbies


93,000 infected

12,100 deaths as of 13 April


David’s blog – https://davidcollyer.wordpress.com/

David’s Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/nedsoldman/

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