My village
andy the local butcher


As part of my work, talking with people from Sturton by Stow I had promised I would take some photos too. Most of the shots that were taken on my film camera I have now made prints in my darkroom - with my own hands and a few chemicals. All the photos below have been hand-delivered by myself to each person and still a few ...

where is wally

Coping with covid – by using “where’s wally?”

Today I feature a gentleman from my local village who has created something fun for the community of Sturton by Stow.  The idea is to showcase some of the more positives events that have arisen living through this pandemic.  It's not a walk in the park, it's not just something that has been around for a short while but ...

lymes disease banner

The charity perspective with Julia Knight

Having looked around for different perspectives it was quite apparent I was missing charities for my "coping with covid" series.  Luckily Julia Knight contacted me through the local village group.  She told me about a charity she worked for involving a medical condition that is not too well known.  Like many charities, ...

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A courier’s perspective by John Harrison from DPD

Today we interview John Harrison who works for the courier DPD.  John is a friendly face and involves himself in the community in all the villages he visits by using Facebook.  So I thought it would be nice to get an insight in to whats going on in the courier world during the crises. In this podcast we discuss: home ...