Coping with covid
leyton cleveley head shot

The small business perspective with Leyton Cleveley

I am pleased to bring you an interview with Leyton Cleveley who works in the I.T. and business world.  As a self-employed small businessman running his company Cleveley Dynamics from his base in Scotland it's interesting to get his viewpoint on "coping with covid".  He was also kind enough to sponsor the website for ...

tobias headshot

A teachers perspective by Tobias Beach-Wyld

Today I'm pleased to present another different viewpoint - this time through the eyes of a teacher.  Tobias Beach-Wyld is a secondary school teacher in the UK (Lincolnshire) and head of Media studies department.  Tobias teaches photography and is a talented photographer himself, recently finishing his masters too. Tobias ...

david collyer in safety equipment on the floor

Report from a health worker on the front line

Welcome to the very first episode of "coping with Covid" , my new series to document life under the pandemic.  We are featuring an array of people from different places in the world, so we get an even picture of what is happening. Today's guest stands out in some ways because of his role in life - health care. Today I want ...