Book for charity

It gives me great pleasure to focus on positivity during this pandemic. We have already featured an interview with David Collyer here. He put together this book with Pete at Static Age and all proceeds go to a mental health charity.

The book

Pete has done great work with this and has great skill choosing relevant images and the order.

The book itself is 92 pages and covers 79 photographs, so well worth viewing.

It’s a heavy softcover stylebook and a4 size, containing black & white images. Remember David took this in a hospital at various times using film and what light was available. This is real life and not staged shooting with perfect lighting.

David’s work in the Guardian


Please go buy this book, it’s a fabulous look at the real world during this crisis. David’s book has captured something worth holding on to and because of the context, he has contacted by the press. You will see his work all over in the future. I’m so fortunate to call David a friend and Pete at Static Age too.

Well done guys and great to see such charity work.

To buy the book please visit here: –


To find out more about David check out his interview here.

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